The Programme Modules

The programme is based around the academic year but can also be run 52 weeks of the year depending on your environment and nursery set up.

The year is split into 4 quarterly terms: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Each of these sections are approximately 6 – week blocks.  Each quarter has been allocated a theme and these are divided into 4 topic area’s which are repeated twice a year.

Topics are planned for 6 – week delivery with a lesson plan for each theme and “circle time” subjects for each week, resources and parent/guardian fact sheets.

Below is a diagram of the programme structure.

Programme modules

Programme modules

Additional topics

Additional topics can be added into circle time at different times of the year to incorporate holidays, special topics and events, we will also be adding resources monthly and will be excited to receive any idea’s you may have.

Circle time – Topics

Circle time is a section of the session put aside for the children to talk, listen and learn about different subjects that will enhance their understanding about why being healthy and active is important. Children will begin to learn about feelings and emotions and why these are helpful to understand.

Topics can always be adapted, use different delivery methods, physical activity, observation, listening and discussion to engage with all the children.

We have also designed EYFS individual pupil tracker sheets and assessments and also an “I can” physical activity tracker that will help you monitor progress across the academic year.

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