Physical development

Between 2 and 5 years, children will be developing their strength and coordination in both fine and gross motor skills. They will need plenty of opportunities to run around, jump and climb and throw and kick, so that by the time they are 5, they will have developed good balance and strength in these areas. From being able to pick things up and build small towers with a preferred hand at the age of 2, they will have developed their skills to be able to use scissors to cut paper and will be starting to use a tripod grip when holding a crayon or pencil.

These are guidelines and that children’s progress can be uneven in terms of their developmental milestone achievements.

Most children aged 3 years and over should be achieving these key indicators:

  • Move spontaneously within available space
  • Respond to rhythm, music and story using gesture and movement
  • Manage body to create intended movements, including stopping
  • Combine and repeat a range of movements
  • Negotiate an appropriate pathway when walking, running or using a wheelchair or other mobility aids both indoor and out
  • Judge body space in relation to spaces available when fitting into confined spaces or negotiating holes and boundaries
  • Show awareness of own needs with regards to eating, sleeping and hygiene (often needing adult support to meet these needs)
  • Operate equipment using pushing / pulling movements
  • Engage in activities requiring hand-eye coordination
  • Use one-handed tools and equipment
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