The effects of smoking on health

There are 7.4 million adult cigarette smokers in the United Kingdom. Smoking accounts for approximately 96,000 deaths a year in the United Kingdom and about half of all life-long smokers will die prematurely.

The following conditions are associated with smoking:

  • Heart/Blood vessels – Heart disease, heart attacks, stroke and damage to blood vessels
  • Lungs – Wheezing, asthma, COPD and lung cancer
  • Brain – Stroke
  • Skin – Premature ageing
  • Bones – Osteoporosis
  • Stomach – Stomach cancer, stomach ulcers
  • Kidneys – Cancer
  • Mouth and throat – cancer of the lips, tongue, throat, larynx

The following information was taken from the London Royal Free London Smoking information visit here stop-smoking-service

After stopping smoking
Your health will begin to improve after just 20 minutes, and you will soon start to notice the benefits of quitting.

After stopping smoking

Table 17 After stopping smoking


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