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At Teddy Time we aspire to promote the health and physical fitness of children from an early age to benefit their future lifestyle and combat the dangers of childhood obesity and the impact of sedentary living.

The idea for Teddy Time first originated in 2013. Workout DVD’s were becoming very popular and were a proven way to help individuals reach their fitness goals. However, researching the topic we realised that there was a distinct lack of workout DVD’s for children to use.

This is where we came up with the idea of Teddy Time: a children’s workout DVD full of exercises that can be completed with a weighted bear (a substitute for conventional resistance equipment). We designed and manufactured the bear and set about choreographing the workout for our DVD, this is now known as “the studio workout” and was filmed in Sussex and released in 2015.

In 2016, as technology started to develop and the use of computers, tablets and mobiles increased we decided to take Teddy Time in a slightly different direction. This was the start of the Teddy Time App which is available for download from the Apple and Google Play stores. Included within the app are the original studio workout and a variety of exercise videos where children perform a full-body workout in space, on a jungle trip, or on an exciting pirate adventure looking for the hidden treasure!

The app also provides information for children and their families on the importance of healthy eating, exercise and oral hygiene.

During 2019 our team started the first Teddy Time live classes in Dorset which proved to be a massive hit with the younger children in the area. Due to the success and interest of our live classes in nurseries, we decided to build a comprehensive CPD course to encourage and educate practitioners to develop and deliver physical activity play sessions in early years.

With the help of professionals with medical, fitness, early years and MA (SEN) expertise, we have developed a training course to provide all practitioners with the knowledge and confidence to deliver the best quality physical play sessions for younger children.

In addition to the course, we provide the tools to help practitioners deliver this within their early years setting. There is a massive library of resources available for download for our members to help them implement this with ease within any setting. These resources include the games pack, lesson plans, learning tools, fact sheets, work out videos and EYFS trackers.

We are here to help you and early years children to be fit, healthy and happy for generations to come. 

Meet the Teddy Time Team

Dr Simon Bourne FRCP(UK)

Dr Simon Bourne FRCP(UK)


Simon qualified as a specialist doctor in 1995 from UCL London and has been involved in Teddy Time for 10 years. He is passionate about increasing the quality of physical activity sessions to children in early years. Simon has contributed his medical expertise to the course and hopes that it will help all those involved in early years to feel more confident in delivering activities to this age group. 
Joanne Bourne

Joanne Bourne

Managing Director

With over 30 year’s knowledge and experience, working in various settings in health and social care, Joanne’s career has taken her in many directions across a wide spectrum of ages and abilities. Working in management for organisations and charities such as MIND, SENSE (young adults with sensory impairments), RNIB and Action for Blind, then moving into Early Years Level 3 children and young people workforce and SENCO, Joanne’s infectious passion has improved the health and wellbeing of countless children and their family.

Thomas Bourne

Thomas Bourne

Training Advisor

Tom is a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. He’s been passionate about fitness since a young age when he was competing nationally as a middle-distance runner. He believes that taking part in physical activity whilst he was younger built the foundations to continue in the future and not only did it benefit him physically but also mentally. Tom came up with lots of the exercises included in our videos and has helped design the lesson plans.

Mary Mountstephen

Mary Mountstephen

Education Consultant

Mary is a former Headteacher of 2 primary schools with early years provision, and senior management experience in the early year /primary independent sector. Mary is a recognised specialist in her field of learning differences, with a specific research interest in physical activity, learning and emotional resilience. Mary writes for a number of publications, as well as presenting internationally.

We want to help keep kids fit and healthy during the coronavirus crisis

Teddy Time was created to help children be healthy and happy, and we want to help every child be just that. So we've made our video content FREE to everyone during the coronavirus crisis. We think your little ones will love exercising with Hera and Colossus in the Teddy Time Space and Pirates videos. The Time to Shine song will get them dancing around the living room too!


Head over to our Youtube channel and join in the fun.

It's time to shine!

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Whether your a nursery, childminder, early years provider or parent, we've got all the tools you need to teach healthy living to kids. Get in touch to book a free consultation and find out how we can help

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